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...Our Garden Gnomes are hand crafted, high quality garden art. These adorable creatures are running rampant around the warehouse! To expedite the adoption process, we're offering great prices on all garden gnomes.

Garden Gnomes need homes! Adopt 'em now!
Garden gnomes ready for your home or garden are authentic garden gnomes, renowned for their quality and strict adherence to historical detail. Each is cast from a rare 18th or 19th century antique gnome, or is a unique work of art. We have lots of garden gnomes running around the warehouse, and they need good homes, gardens, or patios in which to roam. Garden Statuary, Garden Art, or a Garden Statue, whatever you prefer to call them, they made a great addition.

Guaranteed to bring joy and smiles
The festive little guys never fail to bring a smile to all that see them. The quality is impeccable. You're not buying a mass-produced design. Each garden gnome is crafted from quality materials, adding strength, durability and individual charm. They've got personality! All are hand-finished; ensuring each and every member of the family has unique traits and characteristics that make a bold personality statement while patrolling your garden. A Garden Gnome makes a great gift!

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