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Garden Gnome First Aid

Gnomes feel a responsibility towards their fellow creatures and will go to great lengths to help and aid any that are in need, including humans.

They have as much if not more knowledge of the medicines and methods to cure and fix a variety of ailments. Often times though the gnome works as a manicurist of sorts.

Deer and other animals with antlers have on occasion gotten string, branches or wire stuck in their antlers. The males have even gotten their antlers tangled during fights. In these cases the garden or forest gnomes willingly climb up and cut away the impediments. Usually the animals are extremely grateful for the help and will provide services or gifts that are requested.

In the summer months deer can also develop a problem with parasites, such as the horse fly. The horse fly will lay its eggs just inside the nostrils of deer and when these eggs hatch out the larva work their way back into the throat sometimes causing obstruction. The gnome upon hearing about the deer’ problem has a special ‘’ device which is used to grab and pull out the larva.

Speaking of the throat long necked birds such as ducks and geese will occasionally get large pieces of food stuck in their throat. If a gnome happens upon a bird in such a predicament he will use his great strength to manipulate the piece of food so that it works its way down into the stomach. This may leave the bird with a sore throat, but it will be greatly relieved.

Lastly gnomes have a special way of knitting broken bones back together so that an animal can move about within fourteen days. This method is kept a closely guarded secret of the gnomes and often involves the animal withdrawing to a dark thicket or bramble during the two weeks healing time.


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