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Gnomes Sightings

The gnome is a difficult creature to find. Indeed there have been far and few sightings of many of the gnome races in the world and some have never been seen at all, only heard of in human folklore. By far the most common sighting of a gnome is that of the garden gnome. The garden gnome is one of the more mischievous and therefore outgoing gnomes. These gnomes find the sculptures of garden gnomes that humans place in their gardens and lawns to be highly amusing and they will often hang out in the lawns of people who own such décor.

They will sit blazenly in the open, holding a unique pose and waiting to see if a human notices the new addition to his or her lawn. Some even go as far as mooning passerby to see if a human will become upset. Rarely though do humans think to question the innocent mooner positioned by a neighbor’s lilacs. This can become quite boring for some gnomes who quickly give up the hobby and move on to more reputable occupations in their later years.

A gnome’s handiwork is usually the only way a human will know that they have been visited. The gnome is a helpful creature and likes to aid humans in difficult and tedious work. Gnomes have been known to milk cows for milk maids, sweep and do light chores for the woman of the house, or work in the shoemakers shop long after he has gone to bed.

Gnomes will also tend to wounded animals that they hear about or come across. So if a human should happen to see a deer in the forest with a bandaged leg be sure to know that a gnome helped it. This is the same for livestock on a farm. If a farmer has a resident gnome his livestock will be well cared for and there may be many cases of lucky happenstances that save time, effort and perhaps lives.


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