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German Garden Gnomes

The garden gnome is fairly common in the country of Germany. Many homes will have sculptures of the little creatures in their gardens. As gnomes are fairly mischievous they enjoy hanging out in the gardens and lawns of those with sculptures. The garden gnome enjoys striking various poses amongst these replicas of themselves and waiting to see if passerby will notice. However people often don’t and the gnome will grow bored and move on to other occupations.

Legend has it that the gnome was first spotted in Scandinavia around the 1400’ and from there the gnomes migrated around the world. The garden gnomes have been referred to as the ‘’ and their name is said to be derived from the old German, 'Kuba-Walda'

Sculptures of Garden gnomes have been found in Germany and Austria dating back to the 1700’ and some state that these sculptures started to be mass produced in the late 1880’ This obviously shows the influence gnomes have on the commercial industry. The garden gnome sculpture is trademarked in Germany and there is only one company in the country that can make them. Though many will buy a sculpture just outside the country at a cheaper price.

The garden gnomes replicas may have originally started out as facades and architecture on the faces of old buildings in Germany. In Germany the garden gnome is sign that the forces of nature and good luck are beneficial to those who have the honor of one living in their garden or yard.

Presently the garden gnome is extremely popular in southern Germany and there may be more gnomes than people in the area. These gnomes are also a sign of wealth and prestige as a well-made sculpture can cost a few hundred dollars. Obviously those whom the sculptures are based on must be feeling very good about themselves.


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