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There are many races of the gnome species. Each one is scattered across the world and the gnomes of each race will resemble the humans of their country in feature and skin color. For example a garden gnome will have his own set of physical characteristics as a garden gnome, but a garden gnome in China will likely have straight black hair while a garden gnome in England will have light brown hair and pale skin. Some gnomes have a special set of characteristics they’ve evolved due to their environment, for example the hairy Peruvians of South Australia.

Gnomes tend to wear earthy colors and the cloth of their clothing is hand-woven. These little guys don’t usually buy from the local market. Though the gnomes that live near humans may make clothing out of odd and ends pieces of cloth that humans leave around. They will never neglect to dye the cloth to a more appropriate green, brown, dark red or tan color. Prints are not in with gnomes.

The gnome will always be seen wearing his or her pointed cap. The female gnome wears a green cap with her hair down in braids before she is married and after she wears her hair up in a scarf. The male gnome wears a red cap and reluctantly if ever takes it off.

Many races of gnome are a benign and helpful species. They tend to watch over animals, nature and hapless humans. Some gnomes are even working to impart a little of their vast wisdom onto humans.

Gnomes, especially garden gnomes are difficult to see. Legend says that the gnome is invisible to the human eye, or they could be very good at camouflage. A human will usually discover that they have a gnome or that a gnome lives nearby due to the evidence of the gnome’s helpful nature, such as sweeping the floor or tending to a wounded animal.


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