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Garden Gnomes: Pop Art Icons

The garden gnome has spent many years leading quite helpful lives in the lawns and gardens of families. It’ been said that the garden gnome first appeared in the times of England’ King Arthur and have been helping out humanity ever since, by caring for our animals and children and watching over household issues.

Now it appears that the garden gnome is going where no gnome has gone before, Pop Art. Artists and Manufacturers are selling statuettes of the mischievous creatures like hot cakes. They are popping up just about everywhere, in storefronts, photography and even television ads. Travelocity has been using a garden gnome as its spokesperson for years and they’ been doing better than ever.

He’ known as the wandering gnome, but is really a delightful British chap with a face for the television screen. The wandering gnome has been seen in a wide range of vacation spots giving travel tips and of course pushing Travelocity’ book your own vacation business. Could this be the start of a new race of gnomes known as the ‘ Gnomes?’

We’ see, in other areas of the popular art world gnomes are highly valued for their mischievous and fun nature. Previously shy garden gnomes are posing for photographers in sometimes risqué positions, but they state that the moonings are only for art’ sake.

More often though garden gnomes are allowing their likenesses to be used in the making of statuettes for sale on the retail market. Some state that this helps to spread the word that gnomes are really helpful, others believe this makes it easier to hide in lawns amongst their own likenesses. The garden gnome statuette is considered a sign of status these days. They are thought to bring good luck, wealth and festive times.


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