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Nocturnal Gnomes

Gnomes, especially garden gnomes and house gnomes, do their work at night. Its much easier to move around unseen by curious humans. Since the gnome’s helpful nature urges him or her to help all creatures including humans, it is just plain easier to do this at night.

In the nighttime those odd creaks and groans that can be heard in a house are a house gnome patrolling the home. They check on children to make sure they are safe in their beds and the parents too. They check all the locks on the doors and windows. If they find that one is unlocked they may choose to lock it themselves, but more likely the gnome will use his or her abilities gently nudge you into remembering that you forgot to lock the door.

At night the garden gnome will tend to the garden, work on his or her own home, or may choose to engage in prankster activity. It is not uncommon for the younger garden gnomes to move plants around in the garden, thoroughly confusing the gardener the next day. Often though they will grow tired of this occupation and begin to feel sorry for the gardener and turn their abilities toward tending to the plants at night.

The farm gnome helps out around the farm at night. They can keep an eye on the livestock and subtly warn the sleeping farmer if a fox or wolf is nearby. In the past it was possible for a milk maid to wake up and find all of the cows had already been milked for her. This done by a helpful gnome under the moonlight.

Dune gnomes will cavort amongst the sand dunes at night, literally moving the dunes hundreds of feet or miles from their original spot. Dune gnomes usually engage in this sort of activity because their isn’t much to do on a dune and during the day it becomes so hot that its uncomfortable outside. These gnomes are typically nocturnal and try to do all of their chores in the evening hours.


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