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Nocturnal Habits of the Garden Gnome

The garden gnome is a more mischievous character than the house gnome or farm gnome as the garden gnome appears to have descended from the forest gnome. Forest gnomes are on their own time, so to speak and feel their responsibilities are towards the local wildlife more than humans. Often you will find the garden gnome hanging out in an old lush English-style garden, preferably one that is slightly overgrown to provide the gnome with a multitude of hiding places.

As the folklore goes the gnome is invisible to the adult human, but more likely they are just very good at hiding and at camouflage. They also prefer to do most of their work at night so that there is less chance of being seen.

The garden gnome can be either helpful or a prankster taking delight in both kinds of activity. At night the pranking garden gnome may spend his time moving objects in the garden around to confuse the gardener in the family. This can extend even to moving entire plants without so much as leaving a clod of dirt on the lawn as evidence. One morning a gardener might come out of her home and wonder why she thought the tomatoes were in the back yard, when obviously they’ve been in the front yard all along, haven’t they? More often than not it is the younger garden gnome that engages in this sort of activity.

The more mature garden gnome feels an urge to express his beneficial nature when around hapless humans and at night will work to help them in their daily chores. It’s been known that a milk maid can wake up to find that all of her cows have all ready been milked and the butter already churned in the early morning. A garden gnome may help out in different ways by ensuring that the plants in the garden are all pruned and the gnome may go about tending to ill plants under the moonlight.


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