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Races of Gnome

Of the races of gnome so far noted by humanity there are, house gnomes, garden gnomes, dune gnomes, forest gnomes, farm gnomes, Siberian gnomes and underground gnomes. There are likely others that humans just haven’t observed or heard about because of their reclusive nature.

The garden gnome lives in old gardens and is sometimes thought to be rather melancholy in nature, though there are many who would state that this gnome is actually rather the prankster and will delight in moving around plants in the garden or striking lewd poses on the lawn.

The house gnome is a more responsible sort and enjoys fulfilling his or her helpful nature by watching over the household, doing light chores and even babysitting the children. This gnome likes to live in the odd holes that are found in an older home, similar to the mouse hole, except that it’s a gnome hole.

The dune gnome lives in the dunes on coastlines or in the desert. This gnome is larger than his brethren, except for the Siberian gnome, and apparently wears clothing to match the brown or tan color of the dunes.

Forest gnomes live in the forest and spend much of their time tending to their homes and preparing for winter. A forest gnome is in close contact with the animals in the forest around him or her and will aid or treat an animal in need.

Farm gnomes are similar to house gnomes, except that they are more conservative. This is in all areas of the farm gnome life, clothing, behavior and personal opinions.

Siberian gnomes live in the coldest regions on Earth and are rumored to be inbred due to lack of varied gene pool. This gnome is the largest of all the gnomes and does not have the best of tempers.

Underground gnomes are usually covered in a light coating of dirt because they spend much of their time traveling through it. These gnomes enjoy the cool feel of the earth and watch over lodes of precious metals and stones as well as human miners.


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