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The Gnome Transition

Your average garden gnome is a shy, mischievous sort of fellow. He or she will often make use of their camoflauge abilities to appear invisible to the human eye. Of course his natural height is an aid to his ability to hide from curious humans, as the garden gnome rarely gets above fifteen inches in height.

There are many races of gnome, the garden gnome, the house gnome, the farm gnome, the forest gnome, etc, etc. All races of gnome live throughout the world and will have facial features characteristic of the humans indigenous to the area they happen to reside in. This doesn’t mean that gnomes don’t immigrate back and forth to other areas.

In fact many underground gnomes have been forced to migrate to the surface and begin new lives as farm gnomes or garden gnomes due to increased human mining of their traditional family lodes. Due to the gnome’s smallish size and slightly antisocial behavior towards humans it is very easy to overlook the underground gnomes cities in the process of mining precious metals and unfortunately many an underground gnome city has been destroyed.

The forest gnome is experiencing a similar plight with increased clear cutting of forests across the world. Though many forest gnomes have been able to make a slightly less ardous transition to the occupation of garden gnome.

Typically your underground gnome will opt to become a house gnome or a farm gnome as they enjoy the responsibility in caring for and watching over ‘precious’ objects, such as livestock, or the household. While the forest gnome prefers caring for the natural surroundings, small animals and is a more mischievous sort than the underground gnome.

As is the case with many creatures including humans the gnomes have been adapting and making transitions for many thousands of years and only recently has the position of ‘Garden Gnome’ opened up due to the human tendency to keep a nice garden and lawn around their homes.


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