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The Garden Gnomes Red Cap

The garden gnomes cap is a conspicuous item of clothing. Despite their tendency to wear earthy colors they maintain this bright red cap as a vital part of their daily gear and are nearly never seen without it.

Practically the cap is thought to serve as protection from above, whether it be from an animal or human foot, falling objects or simply a bright red beacon to warn off a hungry bird. Some believe it is precisely this gaudy object that helps to make the garden gnome and other gnome races invisible to the adult human. How this theory works out is a mystery, but perhaps it has to do with irony or opposites.

Again the male gnome will almost never be seen without his red cap. The few exceptions are when he is still very young and Hasn't received one, supposedly when he is in bed, when he is repairing the cap and in some cases a gnome will give up a cap to a threatening cat in order to escape.

The red cap is handmade to fit it’ owners head perfectly and given to the male gnome when he is still young. From then on (if there are no cats or accidents) the gnome will keep this cap until his death.

The cap itself is solid throughout and made of dyed felt molded and sheared to its well-known shape. Since the gnome keeps this same cap his entire life the gnome periodically needs to repair the cap by adding new felt to it. During the time when he is without his cap the gnome will cover his head with a scarf.

The repairing of the red cap is a tedious job, but one that needs to be done and it has been well quoted of the gnome that, ‘ would rather be without his pants than his cap.’ Wil Huygen


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