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What do Gnomes eat?

It may be difficult to believe but a gnome’s home life is quite simple and boring even. They are helpful and festive with each other and never worry. Some wonder what or even if a gnome eats anything. Gnomes do eat, in fact they have a rather large appetite and can eat up to half their own weight in a single sitting.

The typical gnome is a vegetarian. They are in close tune with nature and cannot bear the thought of eating animal flesh. Gnomes get their fats from nuts, particularly walnuts, beechnuts or hazelnuts. This diet high in nuts also works to protect their hearts and cardiovascular systems with Omega-3 fatty acids. As such they have remarkably large heart, thought to be about the size of a human heart.

Gnomes will get their vegetables from whatever is in their present surroundings, but they do love mushrooms for their earthy flavor. As an earthy species they are also drawn to tubers of various kinds, potatoes, cattail roots, turnips, onion, etc. Many tubers provide them with flour for baking. This also adds starches and carbohydrates to their diet. Potato skins and other vegetables provide them with fiber in their diet.

The gnome tends to have a very low sodium diet as they usually don’t live near salt deposits. Some gnomes like the Dune gnome will live near the sea or salt flats and can gather salt for their diet in that way. Most gnomes however gather up herbs and spices, like mint, thyme, and garlic to add seasoning and essential nutrients to their food.

Dessert usually consists of fruits in a preserve or simply a fresh fruit salad. This way gnomes satisfy their cravings for sweets and sugars.

Most gnomes will have a fermented beverage with their meals. One can never be too sure about the untreated water in nature so its often safer to ferment something to drink. Typical drinks are something called ‘brackleberry’ or ‘barberry’ or a mead drink made of fermented honey. They also have a very high alcohol content drink made of fermented raspberries.

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