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What is a Gnome?

A gnome is not a gremlin, or a faerie or an elf. Though often gnomes are portrayed in an improper light. The average gnome is male or female and about ten to twenty inches in height. The height will vary according to the race of gnome that is encountered.

Most gnomes have a full round face with rosy red cheeks. They all wear a red or green pointed cap. It is thought by some that the point is sharp enough to deter a larger creature from accidentally stepping on the smaller unseen gnome. Traditionally female gnomes wear the green cap with their hair down or in braids until they become married at which point the hair will be bundled up in a scarf. The male gnome will never be seen without his red cap. They have even been spotted in the bathtub wearing their beloved red caps.

The gnome on average lives for four hundred years give or take a few decades. They have a rather sunny and mischievous disposition and it is said that a gnome doesn’t know how to worry. All of this is believed to help them live to such a ripe old age. The gnome thoroughly enjoys caring for other things and creatures.

The farm gnome will watch over the farmer and the livestock, alerting the farmer to possible unseen danger and protecting livestock from poor treatment from said farmer. The forest gnome has a rapport with all of the creatures of the forest and will tend to or help any injured animal that is come across. The house gnome watches over those living in the house and will even help to babysit children in the home. There are many other races of gnome and all enjoy a similar responsibility.

It is said that the gnome has a human sized heart. Whether this is meant to imply the physical size of the gnome’s heart or simply the fact that they care for other creatures much more than than their size would imply is unknown.


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