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The Senior Gnomes put Jezebel the Golden Retriever on trial for digging in the Petunias!

gnomes reveal the charges
jezebel defies the senior garden gnomes
#1: The Gnomes announce the charges (click on photo)
#2: Jezebel is defiant!
ackerman the gnome reads evidence
the gnomes watch jezebel's reaction
#3: Ackerman reads the evidence
#4: Uh oh
the gnomes read the verdict
ali-kat confers with hermance the garden gnome
#5: Gnomes reveal the verdict
#6: Hermance confers with Ali (Kat)
hermance the garden gnome reveals the sentence to jezebel
jezebel reacts to the verdict from hermance the garden gnome
#7: Hermance the Gnome reveals the sentence.
#8: A lesson from the gnomes is learned!
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