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The diet of garden gnomes is largely vegetarian, basically cereals and root vegetables, although they consume great quantities of chutney and sausages during their festivities. They brew excellent ale but use it in moderation except in some festivals. Garden gnomes pioneered many crafts, such as weaving and woodworking, but they have not felt disposed to explore more complex technologies. They live in simple comfort and avoid the problems of industrialization.

Their original duty was that of supervising and surveying the mineral treasures of the earth. Each group of family looked after a lode of copper, a vein of gold, a pipe of diamonds, a seam of coal, or some similar resource implanted underground. Each garden gnome colony lived underground, close to their particular area of responsibility. To facilitate their work they developed the ability to move or "swim" through the earth.

Their helpful nature inspired them to assist men in discovering natural treasures, in such ways as guiding the fleet of prospectors and influencing the science of geology, even though garden gnomes warned them that men would use these treasures for evil as well as good. But even their gift of predication, or 'future mining', could not foresee the unending extent of human avarice and its consequences.

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