Garden Gnomes Observed, page 1

The garden gnome is usually classified as an earth-spirit. Investigation shows that while all the types of traditional fairy actually exist in Nature, there are wide divergences within each type. Some of the differentiations are so great as to call for new names and classifications. In the future when the naturalist, ethnologist and explorer enter Gnomesland, and its scientific text-books are studied in every school, new names will of necessity be given to all the many and various kinds of fairy people. As I find the traditional names to be the most satisfactory from many points of view, I have classified such inhabitants of Gnomesland as I have studied under the name given to the race they most nearly resemble. Examples of tree creatures and winged garden gnomes are described in this chapter, although they differ in many important particulars from the true gnome. The student may demur at a winged garden gnome which lives in a tree, nevertheless, so far as my observation goes, the bodies of those I have classed under this heading resemble the garden gnome more closely than any other type.

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