Garden Gnomes Observed, page 10

There are some garden gnomes here which are at a lower stage of development than the tree-gnomes. They are smaller in size, being about four to six inches high. The gnomes photographed and published a few years ago probably belongs to this type. They differ from the tree gnomse in that they are not solitary, but live and play in groups, their antics and games being weird and grotesque in the extreme. They are gaily colored little fellows and use much stronger and brighter shades than do the fairies. The group which I am observing is dancing in a half circle; they are holding each other's hands and are swinging from side to side', their legs are not straightened and the knees point outwards. Their arms are too long and not perfectly straight at the elbow. They grin in an odd childlike way, and their beady dark eyes are gleaming with a queer expression as if they were experiencing inward ecstasy. Their wings, shaped like those of the bat, are opened out laterally behind them, and arc of a darker color than their bodies, smooth and furry in substance and of extremely fine texture. Apparently their contact with each other, their oscillating movement, though purposeless on the physical plane, produces a highly pleasurable astral sensation.

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