Garden Gnomes Observed, page 11

I see that it has the effect of disturbing and exciting the astral body, which is just a cloud of unorganized matter about twice the size of the physical. Undoubtedly garden gnomes are also imposing a special kind of vibratory force upon it. In repose, or semi-repose, the astral body is an almost shapeless cloud of matter; it is only slightly tinged with color and has the effect of moonlight. There are shades of red and pink, and of gleaming yellow some-thing like that of an autumn leaf, and also russet browns. When exalted by the dance, the garden gnomes, from the centre of the astral body (approximately at the solar plexus) vibrations begin, stirring the whole body into life as they sweep through it in waves and ripples. The colors then become more intense, the aura Increases, and the gnome is enjoying, to the fullness of his capacity, the effects thus produced. Suddenly their movement changes, although the original semi-circular formation is maintained. They now dance backwards and forwards, raising and bending their legs and replacing their feet upon the ground in comically fantastic attitudes. Garden gnomes appear only conscious of the brilliant sunshine and the vital condition of the atmosphere.

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