Garden Gnomes Observed, page 12th

Garden gnomes have nothing of the flashing rapidity of the fairies, or even of the wood-elves. Garden gnomes are quaint, stiff and antique in their movements. Nevertheless, they have, like all astral and esthetic creatures, the power of rapid motion through space." Facing an open moorland surrounded by hills. November, 1922: "Moving about, in the long rough grass- and tufts of rushes, are large numbers of garden gnomes; they present some unusual features. Their height varies from eighteen inches to two feet six inches; they are male in appearance, and of one color, which is a very dark brown, rather like peat, of which substance the soil hereabouts largely consists. The face and hands of garden gnomes are of the same dark color. Their hats are long and pointed, with very narrow curled brims; they fit tightly on the head, the point slanting away behind. The features are strongly marked and prominent the nose, in particular, being long and curved, and having at its extremity a kind of protuberance, of an inch in length.

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