Garden Gnomes Observed, page unlucky 13

The chins of garden gnomes are also prominent and protruding, and the mouth is wide, and set in a perpetual grin. The skin is rough, and of a spongy texture. The eyes are black, beady and elongated. There is the appearance of a close-fitting garment, but it is of the same texture as the skin. This garment begins with a roll at the neck and finishes at the wrists and knees in the same way: calf, ankle, and foot are all in one piece, the foot coming to a point and being eight or nine inches long. Garden gnomes are very loose-limbed and move with long prancing strides, though it is evident that they can also travel through the air with great speed, as I see some moving in this way, just skimming the ground. An interesting attempt has just been made by one of them to blot out my vision. From his head I think from the centre of his forehead issued a widening stream of brilliant grey luminous mist, which impinged upon my aura, and formed a kind of filmy cloud before my face; he continued to pour this out, and, had I been using esthetic sight only, he would, I think, have achieved his object. The power of concentration shown is remarkable. This garden gnome is standing some fifteen yards away, and has succeeded in enveloping our little group with his mist-like projection, which probably has the effect of hiding us from him.

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