Garden Gnomes Observed, 14

It is evident that this garden gnome objects to us, and that he does not like the close scrutiny and concentrated attention to which he is subjected and which he instinctively resents. The other members of the species are continually gassing to and fro among the grasses; they cannot be said to be playing, though, beyond the fact that they like the sunshine and seem impelled to constant motion, I cannot see any reason for their journeying. Here, too, the imitative faculty shows itself, and it is evident that we were observed as we crossed the fields, for I see more than one gnome carrying a basket, resembling, with a fair amount of accuracy, the one in which we brought our food. This gives them pleasure, which is expressed in an almost idiotic grin. Garden gnomes are ludicrous in the extreme as they pace about with their baskets, of which there are now quite a dozen. They are earth creatures, these garden gnomes, and the earth is their habitat; I do not think they are able to rise much above their own height into the air. Certainly the earth is not solid to them, as some of them are moving with their ankles and feet below the surface, without obstruction. Closer contact with their consciousness shows it to be ultra primitive and very limited.

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