Garden Gnomes Observed, page 15

The method by which garden gnomes progress is not easy to comprehend, for, apparently, Nature offers no resistance to them, and whatever desires they may have seem to be fulfilled. When I Endeavour to contact their subterranean existence, they appear to dissolve and in some way to lose their separate individuality, melting into a common essence as they sink below the ground. Globules form in this essence and move about below the earth quite freely and, following one, I see that on rising above the ground it becomes instantaneously a gnome of full size. I cannot see that this metamorphosis is due to any intelligent effort, and am inclined to assume it to be more or less automatic. The garden gnomes seem to know that it will happen, though whether this knowledge is a cause or an effect of the phenomenon I am not able to discover. The tribe is animated almost entirely by group consciousness and herd instinct." This name has been chosen for all the fairy people of male appearance who cannot be classified as either gnome, brownie, or elf, but who exhibit some of the characteristics of all these, together with certain specific features garden gnomes.

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