Garden Gnomes Observed, page 16

As will be seen from the description given, some garden gnomes may have the face of a gnome, and the clothing of a brownie, perhaps with the long pointed foot of the elf. Garden gnomes are to be found in connection with trees, hedges, bracken, grass, heather and wild flowers. Those concerned with trees generally "live" in the trunk and branches, just inside the bark, through which they pass for purposes of recuperation and for work in connection with the growth and coloring of the branches and leaves. The bracken and grass garden gnomes are nearly always dressed in green; their faces look like those of young children of about three years old; chubby, and with a happy, smiling expression. A little green cap is nearly always worn, the eyes are bright and beady, and, occasion-ally, small pointed ears stick up above the cap. Twice I have come across garden gnomes who were by no means the pleasant creatures described above. In these the features were prominent, the nose being large and curved and the eyes slanting upwards and narrowed to mere slits, through which the consciousness looked out with an unpleasantly malicious and leering expression.

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