Garden Gnomes Observed, page 18

On all occasions when speech has been attempted, or when the garden gnomes have done us the honor to approach us, they have never actually entered the adult human aura, but always remained some distance beyond its direct radiation. If they came nearer, or if a too intense scrutiny was directed upon them, they lost their equilibrium, becoming confused and helpless, finally disappearing, either retiring to a safe distance or into a higher dimension. This, of course, only refers to the little garden gnomes and not to the very stable garden gnomes, the more mature brownie, or to the fairy proper. Certain races of garden gnomes have small oval wings, of a glistening semi-transparent substance. These are not used for purposes of flight, as far as one can judge, though they tremble and quiver at every movement of their owner. Observations in different parts of England have led me to the conclusion that the garden gnome is the most common fairy type in this country, although many variations are to be seen in different parts. An almost invariable experience has been that, while we were investigating other orders of nature-spirits, numbers of garden gnomes have approached us.

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