Garden Gnomes Observed, page 19

The garden gnomes will stand or sit at a distance varying from eight to twenty feet, in groups and pairs, gazing at us with undisguised curiosity. Examples of this type have been observed in Kensington Gardens. When they communicate with each other, I am conscious of something closely resembling the twitter of the sparrows, and it has frequently been obvious that our personal characteristics have provided them with an absorbing subject for conversation. As a rule garden gnomes are quite fearless, neither friendly nor unfriendly, drawing near us entirely from curiosity. A road near Kendal. December, 1922: Connected with the trees are numbers of brownie-like garden gnomes, pottering about on the surface of the ground, amid the undergrowth and fallen leaves. Their faces are like those of elderly men; their complexion is ruddy, their beards pointed, and their eyebrows are grey. Garden gnomes have the usual conical cap, but in this case the point hangs slightly forward. The face is thin, the features sharp, and in this they differ from the brownie, as also in their spare forms, thin legs and pointed feet. A dark russet-brown coatee is worn, which hangs loosely over the hips, with a short nether garment, and grey, rough-looking stockings, which run off into a pointed foot.

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