Garden Gnomes Observed, page 20

I do not, think garden gnomes wear boots. They are happy little fellows, and this is expressed in their faces, which wear a perpetual smile, as well as in their dark beady eyes. The eyeballs ate glass-like and appear to be all black or dark brown: I do not see any white. They move slowly and, as far as I can see, without purpose; occasion-ally a little group combines in a sort of game. Four such just appeared on the pathway, joined hands and spun round clockwise, for about twenty seconds, then, still holding hands, they floated off further up the woods. Some of the tribe shows an appearance of greater age and less activity than others. I saw one very old garden gnome seated at the foot of an ash tree, his thin legs stretched out in front of him; he really looked tired. His coat, which had a wide scalloped collar, was drawn in slightly at the waist by a belt that looked like brown leather.

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