Garden Gnomes Observed, page 21

As I watched the garden gnome fade into the tree, and I was able to see the process of disintegration of the form, which appeared to hover in existence for a fraction of a second after its occupant had retreated. He did not dissipate it while still wearing it; he withdrew from it, passing out through the head. Some impress of this form still remained upon him while he withdrew, for I distinctly saw the appearance of two long legs follow him into the tree. Closer observation showed that the garden gnome had not entirely disappeared, the outline of it remained, color and structure having gone; in fact it looked just like a fairy ghost, the shape being outlined in grey light, and remaining seated just as it was left. While observing the form I lost touch with the consciousness, which retreated to the centre of the trunk of the tree, and appeared to spread itself out into the corporate cell life of the tree. The little man who faded into the tree has come out again, entirely rejuvenated; he is now quite sprightly. While I was describing something else, my attention was attracted to his reappearance by a bright light which appeared at the foot of the tree, and, on being scrutinized, proved to be the same little garden gnome, now quite refreshed and most evidently wishing to draw our attention to the fact. He now dances extravagantly towards us, covering about half of the eighteen feet which separates us from the tree and moving back again, holding his head on one side, and extending his legs gracefully as he moves. He is very proud of him-self. The whole fairy atmosphere of the wood is entrancing, and this little fellow beckons as he retreats inviting me to his home with him into Gnomesland.

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