Garden Gnomes Observed, page 24

The eyes of garden gnomes are long and narrow, the ears large, the nose curved and very sharp and thin; the lips also are very thin and slope upwards at the corners; the chin is prominent and pointed. The clothing is strongly reminiscent of Elizabethan men's dress, and appears to be quilted and padded, and to consist of doublet and hose with long pointed shoes, half red and half green. A very quaint, pointed, crimson hat is worn, which has either a tassel or a bell the latter, I think, as I hear a tinkling sound all over the field. These garden gnomes are from four to six inches high normally, but they can and do enlarge themselves to the appearance of human size. This enlargement is not real; they produce the effect of large size, but I am conscious that all the time they are but diminutive creatures, just as one is aware of the actual size of an object, while seeing it greatly magnified through a microscope. Hat, clothing and tights are of bright crimson color, the upper garment is slashed over white. This is a very big colony, apparently numbering thousands. Garden gnomes are able to rise into the air, but mostly they trot about over the field. They are a very happy-natured people, communicative, and affectionate towards each other. There is a sense of `busyness' about them, though I am unable to see that the garden gnomes are doing any work.

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