Garden Gnomes Observed, page 25

Garden gnomes are very timid and shy, and gather together at a distance when alarmed. The head is more rounded at the back, tapering towards the front. They are merry creatures and play games, as children do; some dancing in rings, some running along the grass together; an atmosphere of joyousness pervades their world. Garden gnomes must have some geometrical sense, for they form clear figures in their games; for example, I see 'a circle which has a Latin cross within it. They are conscious, I think, that in forming these symbols they are giving expression to some force which flows through them and produces an added sense of happiness and life." "The following description is of one of a race of garden gnomes dwelling at the higher levels of the moors in the forest of Bowland. The general appearanceof garden gnomes is that of a diminutive boy, six or eight inches high, with large head, rotund body, thin legs and pointed feet; a close-fitting, bright green, long-pointed cap is worn, with the point sticking out horizontally behind. Nothing else which could be called a garment is visible, though the body is covered with a tight-fitting green and brown sheath: The one under observation is quite a serious little fellow, standing in a small clump of heather near by. The face of the garden gnome is round and chubby, mouth small, nose hardly perceptible, eyes round like saucers, with no eyebrows or lashes.

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