Garden Gnomes Observed, page 26

The ears of garden gnomes, if any, must be hidden by the cap, which, as I watch it, becomes ringed with circular bands of pink and blue. An esthetic emanation is visible all round him, to a distance of about an inch and a half; it is blue-grey in color and is of much smoother and finer vibration than that of the human kingdom. There is one vital centre, at a point corresponding to the solar plexus of the garden gnome, from which these emanations proceed. A small chakram, yellow in color, is working at the top of the head. One might hazard the guess that the form is vivified through the solar plexus, while consciousness functions through the chakram in the head. From the centre of this head chakram a thin, threadlike connection rises into the air and passes beyond my vision. This little garden gnome has seated himself, with an air of patient good-will, and I now see that the ears are small, and pointed at the top; meanwhile his fellows are running, jumping, and flying about, some little distance away. I would not say for certain that they speak, but their interchange of thought, such as it is, seems to reach me in the form of a ceaseless chatter. Garden gnomes are full of life and happiness; and are completely oblivious of everything except themselves and their familiar natural surroundings."

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