Garden Gnomes Observed, page 27

In our Drawing Room, Preston. September, 1922. "A garden gnome is dancing up and down the carpet. He is keeping time to the rhythmical beat of fairy music, which appears to consist of two notes continually repeated. This dancing garden gnome has a serio-comic childlike face, a tinted cap, with the point at the back, a coatee and tights, continued into pointed toes. The tights are green, the coatee dark brown, edged with fur or gossamer, there is a tassel on the cap which hangs down behind. He is in an abnormal condition, as though keyed up by surplus energy and extra vitality. His complexion is that of a healthy, outdoor child, his eyes dark brown, large and wondering; he walks with a slight swagger, the body swaying from side to side, his hands are on his hips when he is not gesticulating. This garden gnome dances several steps, some of which are not unlike a Scotch reel, though he does not pirouette. Two other similar figures are in the room. They are not unlike wood-elves, but their ears are normal and their expression is less weird and more human. These figures are all of male appearance, like little boys of eight or nine. They slide up and down the architrave of the door, they walk on the edge of the back of the settee, they do gymnastics on the bars of the chairs and table. In all of them the color green predominates, though brown is intermixed with it. These garden gnomes appear to be enjoying themselves hugely. Their natural element seems to be the grass of the fields. They are performing what looks like a test match of long jump on the sofa. This tribe is composed of larger numbers than the groups or parties of brownies. They can move through the air at will. They have small trans-parent wings, almost oval in shape. Their antics have an air of unreality and make-believe.

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