Garden Gnomes Observed, page 29

Garden gnomes move very slowly in and out among the stems; they can fly, although I only see them covering short distances at a time, in rather a clumsy fashion. When in the air their little feet are pointed downwards and forwards towards the place on which they are to land, as if from a trapeze. Their flight, in fact, appears to be more of a swing than anything else. They are very numerous in this field. They make a curious chattering sound as they move about. The garden gnomes are carrying on a single line of thought, which completely occupies their mind; this shows itself in their aura, which is practically colorless, as a succession of tiny globules of light steadily issuing from the head; these thought-forms are all exactly the same, and are connected by a thread of light. They look like tiny bubbles, perhaps a sixteenth of an inch in diameter. Closer contact leads me to think that these elves are talking to themselves all' the time, this talk consisting of a constant repetition. Their aura causes the esthetic double of the grass to vibrate a little more quickly as they pass through it." "Whilst this was being written a gruff and rather cross old garden gnome came out of a clump of rushes near by and passed down the hill towards the garden gnomes. He was much like the garden gnomes previously described, with slight differences of color and detail in his dress. He had rather an ugly rough face, stubbly grey beard, and unusually large hands.

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