Garden Gnomes Observed, page 3

In the fields near Preston. September, 1921. "Living in the lower portion of an ash tree is a garden gnome. He appears larger than any garden gnome I have ever seen, being, probably, two feet six inches high to the top of his cap. He assumes his garden gnome shape when preparing to leave the tree, which he does in order to make short excursions into the field. He moves across the field swiftly, at not less than twenty miles an hour, yet, in spite of his speed, he appears to pick his way fantastically over the grass, taking long strides and lifting his legs high into the air. He is in a happy mood, thinking of himself, his tree, and his excursions, while in the back-ground of his mind there are memories of play, mostly of a solitary nature, beneath the branches of the tree. These memories of garden gnomes and their complementary anticipations increase his happiness. There does not appear to be the slightest room for anything but joy in his mind. His pleasures are in himself. He does not need the companionship of his kind in order to be happy. His happiness is therefore permanent and stable. He appears to live very largely in the present. Apparently this garden gnome has lived for a very long period of time, the passage of which appears to make little or no impression upon the garden gnomes, either mentally or physically.

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