Garden Gnomes Observed, page 4

An attempt to contact garden gnomes whilst they are inside the tree produces a curious result in my consciousness: the trunk of the tree becomes transparent, with the garden gnome in the centre as in a glass case with this difference, that the material of the surface is continued solidly through the tree; this esthetic double of the tree is pale grey with a greenish tinge. The garden gnome seems to discard his traditional form when inside the tree. The trunk of the tree appears like a cylinder which, without the presence of the gnome, would be of one color that of the vital forces of the tree; the presence of the garden gnomes gives individuality to these forces, as they are strongly affected by his rate of vibration. When the gnome desires to leave the tree, the first phenomenon that I can see is that he slowly assumes the garden gnome form, thereby encasing himself in denser matter. Having assumed his form he steps out on to the ground and it is only then that I am really able to contact him as an individual. His features, especially the chin, are long and sharp, the cheek bones are high and prominent, the face thin and rather cadaverous, the eyes elongated like a Chinaman's, the pupils small and beady;. the ears are large and protrude above his cap, and his hair is dark in color. There is a touch of red about the cap somewhere, but otherwise he is rather monochromatic, being of about the general coloring of the bark of a tree.

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