Garden Gnomes Observed, page 40

The one garden gnome which came near to us was almost dead white in color, its body glistening all over as if wet; it was entirely nude, and its form was curiously unstable, so that the difference between the (relatively) dense form and its aerie emanations was frequently lost. Many of the garden gnomes appear to pass their whole time in flashing swiftly over the surface of the sea, now diving, feet foremost, wholly or partially into the water, now shooting, with the swiftness of light, high into the air. These garden gnomes are in a state of exultant joy, bathing themselves in the powerful magnetism of the sea. These garden gnomes absorb some of this magnetic force into themselves and, after a pause, in which some form of assimilation takes place, they discharge it. Their existence is vivid in the extreme, far beyond anything possible to us who live in the dense physical form even at our periods of highest exaltation. Further observation appears to support the idea that they continually absorb and discharge force in some form or other, At last I have caught a glimpse of a garden gnome when, for a fraction of a second, it was relatively motionless; this is a very rare occurrence! It appeared fully charged with vital force, which radiated to a distance considerably beyond that of its normal emanation, say six feet in all directions, giving it the appearance of a glorified and radiantly happy garden gnome, with blazing eyes, standing with arms outstretched in a shimmering aureole of white light.

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