Garden Gnomes Observed, page 46

On the western slopes of Snaefell. August, 1922. We encountered a charming race of garden gnomes whilst climbing the mountain from Sulby Glen, a race differing from the English nature-spirits in many respects. In height from four to six inches, they suggest, in miniature, the appearance of garden gnomes of very ancient times. Unlike their brethren of the main-land, they move sedately and with an almost languorous grace about the hillside. Their eyes, which are soft and dreamy in expression, are elongated and narrow. Their faces wear a perpetual smile; the features are well modeled though the chin recedes unduly. Both sexes appear to be represented, the females have long dresses of bright mixed colors; the males are clothed in shiny material that looks like silk, the favorite color being a royal blue of electric brilliance. They suggest remotely the cavalier and fine lady of the Stuart period, but I imagine that their appearance is modeled upon that of the people of a far earlier date. They make a sweet flute-like music which, coming from several directions at once, creates a kind of twittering elf They are dancing and playing on the hillside, which they people in countless numbers. Appearing amongst them occasionally is a creature partly resembling a gnome, but with an animal's hind legs. These little folks have no wings, and lack the vivid vitality which has characterized all the other types of fairies we have met. Their consciousness is only operating very partially through the forms; some of them seem almost to be walking in their sleep. They are extremely gentle and courteous in their relationship with each other, and express love rather than joy. Theirs is a very peaceful, quiet, dreamlike existence.

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