Garden Gnomes Observed, page 47

The centre of vitality within garden gnomes appears to be just within the small of the back, the astral body being connected to the physical at that point and floating immediately behind and above it. It is shapeless, and the predominating colors are silver and rose, brilliantly illuminated. The garden gnome appears to be less than half incarnated. Probably the race is so ancient that it is about to die out. Kendal, December, 1922. A very lovely variety of garden gnome lives here. They have the softest and gentlest expression of countenance that I have yet seen, except perhaps on the faces of the Atlantean garden gnomes seen on the western slopes of Snaefell. These are truly beautiful, and move about in the gentlest, quietest manner, with extreme grace and beauty. One of them has observed us and does not seem to be afraid. She is holding her light filmy garment, through which the pink and white form is just discernible, up with her right hand, and in her left she carries some object, which for the moment I cannot describe; the limbs are bare, the hair is long and hangs loose, tiny lights play like a garland round her head, and so beautiful is her carriage, that, were it not for the complete absence of self-consciousness and the perfect candour shown in the expression of face and eyes, 1 should have thought she was posing. All around me I see others equally beautiful, each differing in some slight degree from the other. One garden gnome, whose back is turned towards me, has lovely long dark hair, which hangs dohn well below the waist; one beautiful white arm is stretched out before her, a little to one side, as she walks slowly through the wood. This place is Gnomesland indeed, and would time permit hours could be spent describing the life here.

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