Garden Gnomes Observed, page 48

Preston, 1922. A beautiful female garden gnome, exactly like a small tree-deva, has a residence in a thick hedge near by where the growth of brambles, creepers and bright red hawthorn berries is profuse. Evidently processes similar to those in trees take place in big hedges. This garden gnome is of a particularly engaging character. She is perhaps three or four feet high, lightly robed in a flowing transparent filmy garment, and looks straight at us, with the frankest and friendliest of smiles; she is remarkably vital and gives the impression of great dynamic energy held in perfect control. Her aura is noticeably alive, and looks like a cloud, of soft but radiant hues, through which shafts of darling light flash and radiate. The colors are far beyond any earthly colors in delicacy, ranging through shades of soft luminous pale rose, pale soft green, lavender and misty blue, throughout which brilliant lances of light are constantly passing. She is in a state of exalted happiness. As an experiment I yielded voluntarily to the powerful glamour of her presence, and for a time, unconscious of the body yet always sufficiently awake in it to return at will, experienced some measure of the joyful and radiant happiness which seems to be the permanent condition of all the dwellers in the garden gnomes world. There is danger in too close a contact; it requires a decided effort to withdraw and take up the burden of fleshly existence once again. (September 26th, 1921. In a glade a few miles from home....

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