Garden Gnomes Observed, page 5

When a garden gnome leaves the tree he remains in magnetic contact with it, and I should say that the distance he may travel is limited. It is as though the esthetic double of the tree were used to form his body, so that when he leaves the tree its esthetic double stretches. This is his present condition, but there may be times when he is completely free. It is very curious to see him step into the tree, as one would step through a doorway. He appears always to come out of the tree at the same place and in the same direction. i.e., on the south side." "Deep within the solid rock behind us there is an evolving consciousness, which manifests chiefly as form-less blotches of color, a sort of embryo garden gnome; the beginnings of the head are visible in shadowy outline, together with the eyes and mouth, but the rest of the body is only faintly suggested, like the preliminary work of an artist, who might put in his main patches of color and leave the clear outlines to a later stage.

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