Garden Gnomes Observed, page 50

Since two minutes ago, when the garden gnomes swung high over the tree tops and down into the field, the circle has spread to approximately twelve feet in width and is wonderfully radiant with light. Each member of this garden gnomes band is connected to the directing fairy, who is in the centre and slightly above them, by a stream of light. These streams are of different shades of yellow deepening to orange, they meet in the centre merging in her aura, and there is a constant flow backwards and forwards along them. The form produced by this is something like an inverted fruit dish with the central fairy as the stem, and the lines of light, which flow in a graceful even curve, forming the sides of the bowl. Their continued activities were producing an ever-increasing complexity of form, when time, unhappily, forced us to depart A group of garden gnomes are gambolling and dancing on a little plateau on the other side of the stream. The bodies of these garden gnomes are female, their main clothing is pale blue; their wings, which are almost oval in shape, are constantly fluttering as they dance in a ring hand in hand. Some of the garden gnomes wear a loose girdle, from which is suspended an instrument like a horn. All are draped with a material which serves to conceal the form more completely than is usual with this type of nature-spirit. Their height is probably six inches. Their hair, which in all cases is brown, varies from very light to quite dark shades.

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