Garden Gnomes Observed, page 51

The coloring of the garden gnome form is a very pale rose pink, beyond which, in nearly all cases, is a pale blue aura and pale blue wings. They are performing something not unlike a country dance; and I think it must be their thought that produces numbers of tiny daisy-like flowers, which appear and disappear coming sometimes as single flowers and some-times as wreaths or chains. They are discharging into the surrounding atmosphere a good deal of specialized energy, in the form of silver sparks, and the effect produced by this miniature electrical display, flowing through their auras and through the curious misty glamour, or haze, in which the whole group is bathed, is most beautiful; it extends to a height of probably eight or ten inches over their heads. and reaches its highest point over the centre of the group. The effect of it upon the garden gnomes is to give them the sense of complete seclusion: in fact, the garden gnomes of other species which are in the neighborhood do not enter within the charmed sphere. They have now changed their formation and are going through an evolution of considerable intricacy, making radial chains across the circle. They do not remain in exactly the same spot, and when the group moves the secluding aura moves with it. The dance of the garden gnome, which is also a ritual, resembles certain figures in the Lancers. Garden gnomes have a decided sense of rhythm, for although.' their movements are spontaneous and free they are to some extent "keeping time."

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