Garden Gnomes Observed, page 52

As I watch them, in the centre of the circle there has developed slowly a rose-colored globular or heart-shaped form, whose pulsation discharges a force that flows out in fine lines or striations. The aural encasement has now increased considerably in size, and is not unlike a large inverted glass bowl. The garden gnomes seem to have the idea that they are creating a building, for now radial divisions appear, extremely thin and glittering, which divide the erection into compartments. Gradually the group of garden gnomes drifts away out of the range of my vision. We are surrounded by a dancing group of lovely female garden gnomes. They are laughing and full of joy. The leader of the garden gnomes in this case is a female figure, probably two feet high, surrounded by transparent flowing drapery. There is a star on her forehead, and she has large wings which glisten with pale, delicate shades from pink to lavender; in rapid movement, however, the effect of them is white. Her hair is light golden brown and, unlike that of the lesser garden gnomes, streams behind her and merges with the flowing forces of her aura. The form is perfectly modeled and rounded, like that of a young girl, the right hand holds a wand. Although her expression is one of purity and ingenuousness, her face is at the same time stamped with a decided impression of power.

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