Garden Gnomes Observed, page 6

But for this vagueness the garden gnome would be excessively ugly, not to say monstrous in appearance. To esthetic sight the whole rock is transparent and the creature appears as if within a huge glass receptacle, through which it is only vaguely aware of its surroundings. The only power of volition that it appears to possess is that of slowly changing the focus and direction of its dim and limited consciousness; this it does very vaguely and dreamily. The main colorings of garden gnomes, which are of considerable density, are red, green and brown, and these are stirred by faint ripples only, in response to the slowly awakening consciousness. The presence of this garden gnome gives a certain individuality to the rock, noticeable on the physical plane as a magnetic vibration. It is difficult to judge its size, but it is probably ten to fifteen feet high. The feet that are to be are deep below the surface of the earth in which the rock is buried, and the head some three feet from the top of the rock."

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