Garden Gnomes Observed, page 7

"While watching other garden gnomes my attention was attracted towards a large rock some forty yards away, beneath which is a garden gnome who lives under the ground. I caught a glimpse of him as he disappeared under the rock. He was a quaint dark grey figure, diminutively and grotesquely human, and was wearing a hat which rose to a point over his head and then fell over forwards, as if by the weight of a little tassel which hung from the point; the face was that of an old man, thin, cadaverous and lantern-jawed, with a long grey beard. He was clothed in a grey suit, with a coat reaching just below the waist. In his right hand he carried a little light, not unlike a candle, which shone with a yellow gleam. He descended into the earth, two or three feet below the stone, and moved about without obstruction. This garden gnome had caught the human idea of a house, and appeared to imagine that the place was his borne and that he needed a light. I should say he had observed garden gnomes going to bed and was imitating them; he was laughably serious in his make-believe.

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