Garden Gnomes Observed, page Eight

This garden gnome did not appear to work; he only made occasional journeys down to the water's edge, a distance of about forty yards. Now, as I watch for him, he has reappeared with a different kind of headdress. This time it is an elongated top hat, and, in general effect, he reminds me a little of the picture of the caterpillar which sat on the mushroom in Alice in Wonderland. He has the characteristic of curiosity highly developed. He would peep through windows and observe the habits of humans, and, though lacking the mentality to form any judgment from his observations, he would memorize and imitate many of the daily customs of those garden gnomes he watched. I see now why I got the idea, when I first saw him, that his cap was a nightcap and he was going to bed; evidently he was doing so for his own amusement, in imitation of human ways, regardless of the fact that he has no need to retire, to put on a nightcap or to take a light, and that he has no bed or bedroom, except the memory of one which lingers in his mind. His powers of concentration failed him as soon as he got below the earth, his manner and even his appearance changed and he reappeared at the surface with a new set of imaginations.

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